Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy fun seasonal activities with the whole family, especially if you live in a place where seasons change and there’s cooler weather. Once the fall season rolls around, I’m always itching to participate in some fun fall activities, so I figured this year we would make a fall family bucket list!

This year, we’re making a fall family bucket list since it’s our first fall as a family (Adelaide was born last year during fall). There are so many fall celebrations, foods, and activities that I thought it would be helpful for me to round up our ideas for you to give provide you with the ultimate fall bucket list. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, football games, apple picking, and more– there are so many options!

If you’re someone who likes to have a physical copy to check off your list, I highly recommend this fall bucket list printable. We are going to hang it on our fridge once September 1st hits and we begin our favorite fall activities!

Printable link here: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFrP8BBZ3M/view

50 Fun Fall Activities for the Whole Family:

  1. Go apple picking at a local orchard: Visit a local orchard and enjoy the experience of picking your own apples. You can use these apples for baking pies, making caramel apples, or simply enjoying them as a snack. Spend a day outdoors, picking fresh, crisp apples as a family. Use the apples to make delicious pies, applesauce, and other treats.

  1. Take a scenic drive to admire the fall foliage: Drive through picturesque routes, surrounded by vibrant leaves in various shades of red, orange, and yellow, creating a breathtaking autumnal backdrop.
  2. Carve pumpkins and display them on your doorstep: Get creative with pumpkin carving designs, from spooky to silly, and illuminate your creations at night for a festive touch.
  3. Have a cozy movie night with classic fall films: Snuggle up under blankets and watch timeless movies that capture the essence of fall, like “Hocus Pocus” or “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”
  4. Bake homemade apple pies or pumpkin treats: Spend quality time in the kitchen baking delectable apple pies, cookies, or muffins infused with the warm flavors of fall.
  5. Visit a corn maze and navigate your way through: Get lost in a corn maze, working together to solve the twists and turns and reach the exit.
  6. Host a bonfire with s’mores and ghost stories: Gather around a crackling bonfire, toast marshmallows for s’mores, and take turns sharing spooky stories.
  7. Attend a fall festival or fair in your community: Enjoy local traditions, delicious food, and engaging activities at a community fall event. Check out local fall festivals, farmers’ markets, or craft fairs happening in your area. It’s a great way to support local businesses while enjoying seasonal activities. 
  8. Go on a nature hike and collect colorful leaves: Take a leisurely hike, appreciating the changing foliage and collecting leaves of different hues for crafts. Take pictures of the stunning scenery, and don’t forget a mini-tripod to snap a photo with the entire family!
  9. Make DIY fall crafts, like leaf garlands or wreaths: Decorate your home with fall-themed decorations. Consider making wreaths, placing pumpkins on your doorstep, and adding warm, seasonal touches indoors.
  10. Have a family photo shoot in a park with fall colors: Dress in your fall finest and have a family photo shoot amid the autumn colors. These photos can be cherished for years to come.
  11. Decorate your home with seasonal touches: Add cozy and inviting fall decor, like throw blankets, pumpkins, and fall-themed centerpieces, to your living spaces.
  12. Plant fall bulbs in your garden for next year: Spend time together in the garden planting bulbs that will bloom in the spring, bringing joy to the following year.
  13. Host a game night with board games and hot cocoa: Enjoy quality bonding time indoors with board games and mugs of hot cocoa to keep you warm.
  14. Go on a hayride at a local farm: Hop on a hayride and enjoy the rustic charm of the countryside at your local farm.
  15. Have a costume party before Halloween: Organize a dress-up party, allowing everyone to showcase their creative costumes and enjoy some pre-Halloween fun.
  16. Explore a local farmers’ market for fresh produce: Visit a farmers’ market to pick up seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other local products.
  17. Visit a haunted house or haunted trail attraction: Get spooked together by visiting a haunted house or a trail filled with Halloween scares.
  18. Have a family picnic in a scenic spot: Pack a picnic basket with fall-themed goodies and enjoy a meal outdoors surrounded by nature’s beauty.
  19. Try your hand at making homemade caramel apples: Indulge in a sweet and sticky treat-making activity by dipping apples in homemade caramel.
  20. Play flag football or soccer in the park: Engage in friendly sports activities outdoors and relish the crisp fall air.
  21. Explore a local arboretum or botanical garden: Wander through these serene settings, appreciating the autumnal colors and diverse plant life.
  22. Build and fly a kite on a breezy fall day: Take advantage of windy days to fly kites together, adding an element of fun to your outdoor adventures.
  23. Watch football games and root for your favorite team: Cheer for your team while enjoying the excitement of fall football games.
  24. Visit a pumpkin patch and select the perfect pumpkins: This is on most people’s fall bucket list! Spend a day at a pumpkin patch, selecting pumpkins for carving, decorating, and making pumpkin-themed treats. In Omaha, Nebraska, we plan to visit Vala’s Pumpkin Patch (also, you’re Nebraska-based, you need to check out our favorite Omaha places!).
  25. Make DIY scented candles with fall fragrances: Create homemade candles that fill your home with the comforting scents of fall, like cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin spice.
  26. Go on a scenic bike ride through the countryside: Explore picturesque landscapes on two wheels, taking in the beauty of the season. If you’re located a place where leaves are changing, it is the perfect time!
  27. Host a chili cook-off with friends and family: Have a friendly competition to see who can create the most delicious chili recipe.
  28. Take a family road trip to a nearby town: Discover new places and enjoy quality time together on a short road trip.
  29. Volunteer together at a local charity or shelter: Give back to the community by spending time volunteering together.
  30. Create a family gratitude journal for the season: Each day, jot down things you’re grateful for and share them with the whole family.
  31. Go stargazing on a clear fall evening: Bundle up and head outdoors to observe the stars on a crisp, clear night.
  32. Attend a fall-themed painting or crafting workshop: Explore your artistic side by participating in a fall-themed creative workshop.
  33. Try your hand at baking homemade bread: Learn the art of bread-making together and enjoy the delicious results.
  34. Have a backyard camping night with stargazing: Set up tents in the backyard, tell stories, and gaze at the night sky.
  35. Visit a local winery or cider mill: Sample locally produced wines or ciders while enjoying the scenic surroundings.
  36. Take a scenic train ride to see fall landscapes: Hop on a train ride that offers stunning views of fall foliage.
  37. Explore a nearby historical site or museum: Learn about local history by visiting a nearby historical site or museum.
  38. Have a family scavenger hunt in the park: Create a list of items to find and enjoy a scavenger hunt adventure.
  39. Make DIY Halloween decorations for your home: Get crafty and decorate your home with homemade spooky decorations.
  40. Have a movie marathon of classic horror films: Get in the Halloween spirit with a movie marathon featuring iconic horror films.
  41. Visit a local petting zoo or animal sanctuary: Spend time with animals and enjoy a day of outdoor fun.
  42. Create a DIY bird feeder and watch local wildlife: Craft a bird feeder and observe the birds that visit your backyard.
  43. Go fishing or kayaking in a nearby lake: Enjoy outdoor water activities before the weather gets too chilly.
  44. Have a pumpkin-themed family game night: Play board games with a pumpkin twist or carve out mini pumpkins for unique game pieces.
  45. Take a day trip to a nearby forest or national park: Immerse yourselves in nature and explore the beauty of the outdoors.
  46. Attend a fall-themed cooking or baking class: Learn new recipes together and hone your culinary skills.
  47. Have a family bake-off with fall-inspired treats: Challenge each other to a baking competition using fall flavors.
  48. Host a potluck dinner with friends and neighbors: Share a meal with loved ones, each contributing a dish to the feast.
  49. Visit a local historic cemetery and learn about local history: Pay a visit to a historic cemetery and discover stories from the past.

Remember to tailor these activities to the preferences and interests of your whole family. The goal is to create lasting memories and enjoy the beauty of the fall season together.

What fall activities did I miss? Drop your favorite fun fall activities below!

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