Bath time is not only a crucial part of a baby’s daily routine but also an opportunity for fun and learning. Choosing the right bath toys for your little ones can make bath time an enjoyable and educational experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the best non-toxic and safe bath toys for babies and toddlers in 2023, focusing on their benefits for hand-eye coordination, their favorite bath toys, the importance of non-toxic materials like natural rubber, and how these toys can enhance bath time fun while ensuring safety.

My Favorite Safe Bath Toys and Other Must-Haves for Bath Time

Introducing your child to their favorite bath toys can turn a potentially challenging activity into an enjoyable experience. When choosing bath toys, consider your child’s interests – whether it’s animals, vehicles, or bright colors – to make bath time engaging and exciting for them. Here are a few of my bathtime must-haves:

  1. Baby Patent Forever Warm: We’ve been using this bathtub for 6 months now and when I say I wish I would’ve added it to my registry sooner… I mean it! The ForeverWarm keeps bath water warm, plus we just found a second use — it’s perfect for pool time to cool off our baby girl in the summer!
  2. Lovevery Stacking Drip Drop Cups: These cups are the perfect bath toys because they have holes in the bottom, making it fun for the baby to fill them and watch the water drip out in different patterns.
  3. Skip Hop Baby Bath Spout Cover: Bath time is bump-free with this spout cover! Never worry if the baby accidentally bumps their head on the water spout again. Plus, it’s cute!
  4. Comfortable Baby Bath Kneeler and Elbow Rest Pad Set: This thick bathtub kneeler has memory foam, giving those elbows and knees a much-needed break. There’s also a pocket to hold all of your bath toys!
  5. No-Hole Animal Bathtub Toys: These adorable bathtub animals don’t have holes, making them mold-free. They’re also soft and easy to grab. 
  6. Silicone Bath Toys (they’re dishwasher safe!): These bath toys do have holes in them, however, they come apart so you can wash out the insides to be sure they’re mold-free. The best parts – they’re dishwasher safe and lots of fun!

Importance of Safe Bath Toys for Babies

When it comes to baby products, safety is always a top priority. Bath toys are no exception. Babies and toddlers are curious by nature and tend to explore the world around them, including their toys, through their mouths. This makes it essential to choose bath toys that are free from harmful chemicals, choking hazards, and potential mold growth.

Bath Toys Benefit Hand-Eye Coordination

Bath time can be more than just a cleaning routine – it can be a valuable opportunity for developmental activities. I like to keep this in mind when bathtime is becoming just another mundane part of our day! Safe bath toys contribute to the enhancement of hand-eye coordination in babies and toddlers. Toys that require grasping, pouring, and splashing can help strengthen these essential skills, setting a strong foundation for future learning and motor development.

The Best Non-Toxic Bath Toys: Embracing Natural Rubber

Non-toxic bath toys are a must-have for your baby’s health and safety. Natural rubber bath toys have gained popularity due to their safety and eco-friendliness. These toys are free from harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and PVC, ensuring that your child’s sensitive skin and delicate immune system are protected. Furthermore, natural rubber bath toys are soft, flexible, and easy to clean, making them a parent’s dream.

Enhancing Bath Time Fun with Water Toys

Bathtime is a great way to introduce water play to your child’s routine. Water toys can transform an ordinary bath into a sensory-rich adventure. Toys that float, squirt water, or change color in warm water can captivate your child’s attention and create a positive association with bath time. This not only makes bath time more enjoyable but also encourages your child’s cognitive and emotional development.

Bath Toys to Avoid

It’s best to avoid all bath toys made out of plastic since the warm, moist environment breaks down plastic toys, leaving phthalates and other chemicals in the bathwater.

What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds that are commonly used as additives in plastics to make them more flexible, durable, and transparent. They are often used in a wide range of products, including toys, medical devices, personal care products, packaging, and more.

However, there has been growing concern about the potential health risks associated with exposure to phthalates. Some studies suggest that certain phthalates may have negative effects on human health, particularly in children and pregnant women. These potential health risks include endocrine disruption, which can interfere with hormone systems and have adverse effects on the reproductive and developmental systems.

Mold-Free Bath Toys for a Clean Experience

Bath toys can indeed develop mold and mildew if they are not properly cleaned and dried after each use. If they have openings, seams, or crevices, water can accumulate and create a moist environment, which is conducive to the growth of mold and mildew. This can also be hazardous to your child’s health. Mold-infested bath toys are not only unhygienic but can also trigger allergies and respiratory issues.

Great Addition to Your Child’s Routine

Safe and non-toxic bath toys are not just playthings – they’re valuable tools for learning and growth. By incorporating these toys into your child’s bath time routine, you’re fostering their development in a safe and enjoyable manner. From refining motor skills to sparking creativity, these toys serve as a well-rounded addition to your child’s early years.


Choosing the best safe and non-toxic bath toys for your babies and toddlers is a thoughtful decision that ensures both their safety and developmental growth. The benefits of these toys for hand-eye coordination, their status as favorite bath toys, the use of natural rubber materials, resistance to mold growth, and the overall enhancement of bath time fun make them an invaluable investment. As you explore the market for the best bath toys in 2023, keep these factors in mind to provide your little ones with a bathtime experience that is safe, engaging, and filled with joyous moments of exploration and learning.

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