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As winter’s chill descends upon us, navigating snowy sidewalks and icy paths with a stroller can be a daunting task. Finding the best stroller for winter isn’t just a convenience; it’s a parental game-changer. We know first-hand the frustration when you’re bundled up, pushing your little one through a winter wonderland, and suddenly, the wheels get stuck, or the stroller struggles to handle the snow. That’s where the importance of selecting the right stroller for cold weather conditions becomes necessary. In this blog, we’ll take a close look at two popular contenders in the best strollers game for the winter season: the UppaBaby Vista and the UppaBaby Cruz. These strollers have garnered attention for their sleek designs and versatile features, but how well do they hold up during the winter season? Join us as we compare their winter-friendly attributes to help you choose the best stroller for winter in 2024..

Understanding Winter-Ready Strollers

When it comes to winter-ready strollers, it’s not just about the cozy blankets and warm mittens; it’s about ensuring your little one’s ride is as smooth as possible through the winter terrain. Sturdy wheels and suspension, especially the rear wheels, are extremely helpful in tackling snow and icy ground. We’d all love for a stroller to provide a smooth ride through snowy-covered streets, and adjustable handlebars can contribute to that comfort. And let’s not forget the importance of compatibility with weather shields and accessories—because shielding your child from the winter elements is a top priority. From frosty winds to unexpected flurries, the right stroller becomes a protective cocoon. And of course, the cherry on top: insulation and comfort for your little adventurer, ensuring they stay snug and warm as you embark on chilly family strolls. As we explore the features that matter, envision a winter-ready stroller not just as a piece of baby gear but as your accomplice in creating cherished winter memories with your little one.

The UppaBaby Stroller Review – Winter Weather Edition

We’ve owned the UppaBaby Vista for over a year now and have taken it through every season that the Midwest has to offer. There are so many great features about it, however, we are going to sell ours, which I’ll detail later on in this section. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more detailed review on the UppaBaby Vista vs. the Cruz, I’d encourage you to read this blog I wrote comparing the two.

This stroller is the real deal. The quality is fantastic and it lasts forever. We purchased ours used on Facebook Marketplace. It had been used for a few years but was still in near-perfect condition. The air-filled tires with large wheels and all-wheel suspension, especially the rear wheels, allow the UppaBaby Vista to plow through deep snow easily, providing a smooth ride for your baby or toddler. Pushing this stroller around is one of my favorite things because it’s so smooth and easy to steer.

The UppaBaby strollers are also compatible with many winter accessories you can find on Amazon, like this warm Winter Bunting Bag or this clear Stroller Rain Cover. If you really want to up your winter accessory game, try these Insulated Stroller Gloves! These attach to your stroller handle and lock out all cold air for a comfortable and warm walk. They’re also machine washable for a quick refresh.

It’s obviously critically important to make sure your child is insulated well from cold temperatures. With the UppaBaby stroller, winter walks are a little less intimidating, which is why we truly think the UppaBaby stroller is the best stroller for winter!

Which is the best stroller for winter weather?

We had no idea what the difference was between the UppaBaby Vista and UppaBaby Cruz when choosing a stroller in mid-2022. But, we’ve learned that they cater to slightly different needs and preferences, which is why we’ll be selling our Cruz to purchase a Vista for our two kids. Here are some key differences between the two:

Size and Weight:

The Vista is generally larger and heavier than the Cruz, making it the best option for families looking for a double stroller or those with newborn babies.

The Cruz, on the other hand, is more compact and lighter, making it a more convenient option for urban environments or families with less storage space.

Seating Configurations:

The Vista is known for its expandable seating options, making it the best choice for growing families. It can be converted into a double stroller with the addition of a second seat, bassinet, or infant car seat.

The Cruz is a single stroller and does not have the same capacity for additional seating configurations. It is designed for families with one child.

Wheels and Suspension:

While both strollers have robust wheels with excellent suspension, the Vista often has larger air-filled tires. This can contribute to a smoother ride, especially on rough terrain and snowy roads.

The Cruz, with slightly smaller wheels, is more maneuverable and well-suited for urban settings where a compact size is a great choice.


Generally, the Vista tends to be more expensive than the Cruz, but its additional features, such as a large storage basket and the ability to convert it into a double stroller, make it a high-quality stroller.


The Cruz is known for its one-hand fold, making it convenient for parents on the go, especially during the winter season. It’s a more compact fold compared to the Vista.

The Vista, while still foldable, may require an additional step or have a slightly larger fold due to its accommodating design for multiple configurations.

Intended Use:

The Vista is designed with a focus on growing families, providing options for expanding as the family grows. Its adjustable handlebar ensures easy access and comfortable use.

The Cruz is tailored for families with one child or those who prioritize a more compact and lighter stroller for urban use.

Which Stroller Is Right for You?

As you stand at the crossroads of choosing between the UppaBaby Vista and Cruz for your winter adventures, consider the unique factors that align with your lifestyle and specific needs. If you’re a family constantly on the move, with an agenda that involves navigating diverse terrains, the Vista’s robust features might be your best bet, providing that extra muscle for winter escapades. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a more compact and nimble option that effortlessly weaves through urban winter landscapes, the Cruz might be calling your name. Budget considerations play a crucial role in this decision-making journey, as the features and capabilities of each stroller are matched by their respective price points. Delve into your personal preferences and priorities – perhaps you value a stroller that seamlessly integrates with your winter accessories, or maybe you prioritize a sleek and stylish design that turns heads as you stroll through a snowy park. By weighing these factors thoughtfully, you’ll find the winter-ready companion that perfectly fits your family’s needs and sets the stage for memorable cold-weather excursions.

Head-to-Head Comparison

In a head-to-head comparison between the Vista and Cruz strollers for winter conditions, the focus lies on their performance in snow and ice, durability, compatibility with winter accessories, and user experiences. Maneuverability in challenging winter terrain is a critical aspect, and both strollers boast impressive features. The Vista’s robust design and large, air-filled tires, with big wheels and all-wheel suspension, enhance its stability, making it adept at navigating through snow and icy surfaces. Similarly, the Cruz exhibits excellent maneuverability with its agile design and puncture-proof wheels, ensuring a smooth ride in winter conditions. When evaluating durability and performance in cold weather, both strollers demonstrate resilience to the elements, showcasing their suitability for harsh winter climates. Compatibility with winter accessories is another essential factor, and both models offer versatile options, including weather shields and footmuffs. To gain insights into user experiences, a comparison of feedback reveals that both the Vista and Cruz receive positive acclaim for their winter performance, with users praising their reliability, comfort, and ease of use in colder environments.

Exploring User Experiences

To further aid in your decision-making process, let’s delve into the experiences of parents who have used the UppaBaby Vista and Cruz during winter months. Real-world testimonials provide valuable insights into how these strollers perform in varying cold weather conditions.

User Experiences with UppaBaby Vista:

Many Vista users applaud its durability and versatility, making it a strong contender for the title of the best stroller. One parent, hailing from a snowy region, commended the Vista’s ability to handle deep snow with ease, thanks to its all-wheel suspension and large, air-filled tires with big wheels. These features provided excellent traction, making winter strolls a breeze. Users also appreciated the expandable seating options, with some noting that the ability to convert it into a double stroller was a game-changer for growing families.

Another notable feature highlighted by Vista users is the compatibility with winter accessories, making it a great choice for the winter season. The stroller seamlessly accommodates accessories like weather shields and footmuffs, ensuring that their little ones stay cozy and protected from the elements during winter weather. The insulated stroller gloves were particularly popular among parents, providing an extra layer of warmth during chilly outings. The adjustable handlebar also enhances the ease of use and accessibility, especially when navigating snowy roads.

On the downside, a few users mentioned that the Vista’s larger size could be a challenge in crowded spaces, such as busy city sidewalks. However, for those with ample storage space and a need for additional configurations, the Vista remains a top choice, offering a large storage basket and the ability to convert into a double stroller.

User Experiences with UppaBaby Cruz:

Cruz users, on the other hand, consistently praised the stroller’s maneuverability, especially in urban winter settings, making it a top choice for those seeking the best jogging stroller. The puncture-proof wheels and compact fold were highlighted as key advantages for navigating through tight spaces and storing the stroller in smaller areas. Parents appreciated the Cruz’s lightweight design, making it easy to handle during winter outings.

The Cruz’s one-step fold was a standout feature for many busy parents, providing convenience when dealing with winter gear and managing a child simultaneously. Users noted that the Cruz’s more compact size made it an excellent choice for city living, where space is at a premium. The stroller’s compatibility with an infant car seat, thanks to the car seat adapter, adds to its appeal for those with newborn babies.

However, some Cruz users found the stroller’s single-seat configuration limiting as their families grew. The absence of the option to expand the seating capacity was a drawback for those with multiple children or planning to expand their family. Despite this, many still considered it a great choice for a single stroller.

Additional Considerations: Weather Resistance and Storage

When assessing which is the best stroller for winter weather, it’s crucial to consider its overall weather resistance and storage features, making it a high-quality stroller for cold weather. Both the Vista and Cruz are designed with durable materials that withstand cold temperatures and protect against moisture, ensuring they are great strollers for snowy terrains. The fabric choices are water-resistant, providing an added layer of defense against rain and snow during the winter season.

Additionally, evaluating the storage options each stroller offers is essential for winter adventures. Look for a stroller that provides ample storage space for your winter gear, such as diaper bags, extra clothing, and snacks. The large storage basket in the Vista and the compact size of the Cruz’s storage compartment, especially when bundled up in winter clothing, can significantly impact your overall experience.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

As we conclude our in-depth exploration of the UppaBaby Vista and Cruz strollers for winter conditions, it’s clear that both models bring distinctive advantages to the table, making them great strollers for winter use. The Vista excels in its ability to adapt to growing families, providing expanded seating options and robust features for tackling challenging winter terrain. On the other hand, the Cruz stands out for its maneuverability, compact design, and one-step fold – ideal for urban dwellers navigating winter landscapes.

When making your decision, carefully consider your specific needs, lifestyle, and preferences. If you value versatility and foresee the need for additional seating configurations, the Vista may be the best option. Alternatively, if you prioritize maneuverability and a more compact design for urban living, the Cruz could be your winter-ready companion, making it a great choice for the winter season. The adjustable handlebar, compatibility with an infant car seat, and the one-hand fold feature add to its appeal.

In the end, both the UppaBaby Vista and Cruz are equipped to handle winter conditions, offering durability, compatibility with winter accessories, and a comfortable ride for your little one, making UppaBaby the best stroller for winter weather. Whichever stroller aligns with your winter aspirations, rest assured that your chilly family strolls are poised to become enjoyable and memorable experiences. So, bundle up, choose your stroller wisely, and embrace the winter wonderland with your little adventurer in tow.

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