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We love celebrating the holidays with our 1-year-old, and Valentine’s Day morning is the perfect special occasion for us to make a delicious breakfast for the whole family! We make our special breakfast with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, red sprinkles, red fruits, and more. Read on for nine of my favorite Valentine’s breakfast ideas for kids!

From heart-shaped pancakes to love-infused hot cocoa, there’s a festive breakfast idea for the whole family. Plus, you’ll have so much fun making these adorable and easy Valentine’s Day breakfast recipes with your kids!

1. Heart-Shaped Ideas

Strawberry Pancakes:

Create a Valentine’s Day breakfast experience with heart-shaped pancakes that are not only delicious but also super cute! Begin by preparing a simple yet scrumptious pancake batter infused with fresh strawberries for a burst of flavor. Utilize a heart-shaped cookie cutter to mold the pancakes into perfect love-filled shapes, adding an adorable touch to the meal. To elevate the pancakes and make them more festive, adorn them with a medley of fresh fruit slices and a drizzle of sweet maple syrup, transforming the strawberry pancakes into an extra special Valentine’s Day surprise for your loved ones.

Red Velvet Pancakes:

These are an absolute Valentine’s Day breakfast showstopper – red velvet pancakes in adorable heart shapes! The indulgent red velvet pancake batter is vibrant and enticing and is our secret to making Valentine’s Day breakfast a huge hit. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to craft these pancakes, instantly adding adorable festivity to your child’s plate! To take these creations to the next level, consider topping them with a generous swirl of whipped cream, a drizzle of maple syrup for that delightful sweetness, and a sprinkling of vibrant red sprinkles, adding a burst of color and joy to your morning celebration. These red velvet heart-shaped pancakes, with their decadent taste and adorable appearance, are sure to be a hit this Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Eggs:

Making heart-shaped eggs is an easy and creative way to delight kids during this love-filled holiday. Start by lightly coating the heart cookie cutter with cooking spray, then crack the egg inside the heart-shaped cookie cutter placed on a preheated skillet. As the eggs sizzle, watch the magic unfold with your child as the eggs take on the adorable heart shape. Get creative by incorporating various ingredients to add flavors that kids will love, such as cheese or herbs. These easy ideas for heart-shaped eggs are a fun recipe to bring joy to your special breakfast, making it an easy and healthy part of the day’s celebrations.

2. Love-Filled Morning Treats

Cupid’s Fruit Skewers:

For a fun and delicious start to your day, consider creating Cupid’s Fruit Skewers, a perfect way to create a healthy breakfast. Begin by selecting a variety of fresh fruits, particularly focusing on red fruits to emphasize the festive Valentine’s Day theme. These simple ingredients form the foundation for an eye-catching and adorable arrangement. Assemble these vibrant and juicy fruits onto skewers in heart shapes. To add an extra touch of sweetness, consider serving these heart-shaped fruit skewers with a side of greek yogurt or chocolate dipping sauce, making each bite a flavorful and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Sweet Surprise Parfaits:

Crafting Sweet Surprise Parfaits is another fun way to create a healthy breakfast this Valentine’s Day. Start with simple ingredients like fresh red fruits, granola, and Greek yogurt, creating layers that promise both taste and visual appeal. As you assemble the layers, consider incorporating heart-shaped fruit slices or arranging the ingredients to form a heart shape within the parfait, resulting in a festive and love-filled aesthetic. These parfaits are focused on presentation, so be sure to layer the ingredients strategically and showcase the vibrant colors and textures. These heart-shaped parfaits not only offer a delightful and healthy morning treat but also serve as a charming and delicious way to celebrate special moments.

3. Playful Breakfast Activities

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards:

Creating DIY Valentine’s Day cards during breakfast is a great way to keep your kids occupied while you cook on Valentine’s Day morning. Set up a crafting station at the breakfast table for an easy and fun way to engage the whole family. Gather colorful papers, markers, stickers, and crafting supplies, laying them out for everyone to access. As you indulge in your themed holiday breakfast, encourage the crafting of simple, heartfelt cards, to foster creativity and love. This activity not only allows for a fun bonding experience but also creates lasting memories, as each family member shares their affection through these personalized cards. It’s an easy yet special way to celebrate the occasion, setting the tone for a day filled with love and togetherness.

Love Notes and Riddles:

Elevating your Valentine’s Day morning into a special occasion for the whole family can be the perfect way to kick-start the day. Incorporating easy ideas like writing tiny love notes or riddles for the kids adds an element of surprise and joy to the breakfast table. Hide these notes around the breakfast setting, tucked under plates or amidst the napkins, creating an interactive morning activity. As the family gathers, these sweet messages will encourage laughter and a heartwarming start to the day. This fun way of sharing love notes and riddles not only adds a playful touch but also creates beautiful moments of happiness for a memorable and love-filled Valentine’s Day.

4. Fun and Healthy Beverages

Strawberry Milk:

For a refreshing Valentine’s Day drink breakfast, create a special and fun treat: homemade strawberry milk! Strawberry milk is of course made with simple ingredients like fresh strawberries and milk and is very easy to make. Begin by blending fresh strawberries with milk, creating a homemade, naturally sweet strawberry milk. To elevate the presentation, garnish the glasses with heart-shaped straws or add fresh strawberries as an adorable finishing touch. This refreshing and flavorful strawberry milk adds a perfect dose of charm to your special breakfast, making it a tasty way to celebrate the day of love.

Red Berry Smoothie:

Crafting a special red berry smoothie with simple ingredients and fresh fruit is also very easyl. Blend a combination of fresh strawberries and other berries with yogurt or juice to produce a healthy red smoothie packed with fruity goodness. Elevate the presentation by garnishing the serving glasses with heart-shaped fruit slices or heart-shaped straws, adding a touch of endearing charm to the drink. This red berry smoothie has a vibrant color and fruity flavors, to serve as a healthy addition to your special breakfast.

Love-Infused Hot Cocoa:

Consider adding a touch of warmth to your morning with love-infused hot cocoa, a perfect addition to your Valentine’s breakfast ideas for kids. Crafting a simple hot cocoa recipe with a hint of love is an easy yet very fun process. Add a touch of sweetness by stirring in maple syrup or a sprinkle of cinnamon to the hot cocoa, enhancing the cocoa’s comforting flavors. To make it extra special, consider garnishing the cocoa with marshmallows shaped like hearts, adding a playful touch to this cozy beverage. This love-infused hot cocoa is a heartwarming and flavorful treat, perfect for a special Valentine’s breakfast.


Valentine’s breakfast ideas for kids have the power to transform an ordinary morning into a fun and memorable occasion for the whole family. A delicious breakfast tailored for this special day not only fills the tummies but also warms the hearts (see what I did there?). It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce fun ideas and surprise treats, which are sure to be a huge hit among the little ones. Encouraging creativity in celebrating love through heart-shaped foods, sweet messages, and colorful presentations not only creates a joyful atmosphere but also forges beautiful memories that will be cherished forever! These Valentine’s breakfast ideas for kids reinforce the essence of celebrating love and togetherness as a family on Valentine’s Day.

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